14 gennaio 2014

Once again a chicken

Once again a chicken has gone rogue. After weeks with no eggs in the nesting box or in any of the usual hiding places, I tracked her one morning to find out what was going on. She snuck round the back of Mario's barn and nipped in behind some big round haybales. Half an hour later she strolled out again, innocent as anything and clearly not broody. I sent the Boy over to investigate and once he'd climbed over the baler and scaled two storeys of bales he reported that he could see a nest and that it had 10 eggs in it. He was all for abseiling down the north face of the bales, but it turned out to be a whole lot easier just to shift some stuff and squeeze round the back, no ropes or crampons needed. The hen had cunningly made her nest with a viciously toothed farm implement to guard it, but I scooped them all up safely. The next day she was back there again. What's wrong with the hen house?!

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