5 aprile 2014

Perhaps rashly

Perhaps rashly, I took advantage of a special offer in my ethical food group and bought them — the 5 kilos of organic lemons. They were an early breath of spring in the recent rainy weeks, both bright and perfumy. But 5 kilos is a lot of lemons. So after pasta with lemon, lemon potatoes, the odd glass of citron pressé, and lemon slices with everything, I launched into making limoncello and lemon curd. The curd was delicious and the two jars lasted about a week. The limoncello involves macerating the peel in alcohol (95º proof alcohol is available at the supermarket in Italy, so embedded is the custom of making your own flavoured liquor) for 10 days, then mixing with an equal quantity of sugar syrup, then filtering, decanting and letting the cloudy yellow liquid mature for a minimum of a month — but the longer the better. It will be perfect by summer, when I'll keep it in the freezer and bring it out on long hot evenings, the nectar of the gods.

And I've still got another couple of kilos of lemons to get through.

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